Thursday, January 19, 2017

Water Scarcity in Tamilnadu is Scary!


Tamil nadu (TN) has less of water and much scarcity of the same.

This will soon lead TN to become a desert if corrective steps are not taken.

These steps are not only the duty on part of the government, but also of every citizen. 

All of us have to be aware of the shortage of water and the corrective steps to avert disaster in TN.

The reasons for shortage of water in TN are many. A few are outlined as below:
  • ·         Rainfall Jan to April in Tamil Nadu is only 15.52 percent of the normal.
  • ·         So ground water table is reduced to a deficit of 84.48 percent
  • ·         Water level in the major reservoirs are drastically reduced
  • ·         Storage capacity of water tanks are reduced considerably and should be desilted.
  • ·         Systems of water bodies also need major repairs in maintenance.
  • ·         Lack of trees and soil erosion are important reasons for water scarcity

The problems of water shortage are many. Some of them are:
  • ·         Agriculture is most affected by water scarcity.
  • ·         No water and the crops die.
  • ·         People cannot and should not rely on rain all the time
  • ·         Water in ground level is insufficient for use by people      

Preventive steps to avert disaster in TN at the home level:

·         Water conservation. Use water with caution and don’t squander it
·         Rain water harvesting’ allows rain water to fall directly on the ground
·         Fallen rain water raises ground level water. Every house should do this.

Preventive steps to avert disaster in TN at the government level:

·         Roads and houses not to be elevated more to avoid erosion of water to lower zones
·          Planting of the trees prevent evaporation of water due to sun
·          In flats remove the cement and change it for sand – so the water reaches ground
·          State government should use satellite images to find underground water
·         Celebrate March 22 World Water Day in a big way to create awareness among public
·         University research,competitions,incentives-to use science to prevent water erosion

·         Educate younger generation on prevention,after all they are going to inherit the earth from us.

“A river is more than an amenity, it is a treasure”  - Justice Holmes

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