Sunday, January 1, 2017



Everyone wants to be happy.

Maybe your new year 2017 resolution is to be happy ; even if it isn’t, you would still want to be happy!

Many factors making one ‘apparently happy’ are beyond our destiny & control -  such as health, money, power, beauty, status, etc.

But we can control some factors which give us much happiness and satisfaction.

The general principles governing these happy factors are:
  • ·        Activity should be of our own choosing
  • ·        Activity should not be over-challenging (burnout) or under-challenging (bore)
  • ·        Intensely focused activity
  • ·        There should be clear aim or objective
  • ·        And preferably immediate feedback!

When we think of activities we love, we lose sense of time and ourselves in it. Like musicians practicing a song, like surgeons operating, like sportsmen competing – to name a few.

Activity should not be too challenging ( burnout) ; nor too easy ( boring)!

Also happiness is to enjoy what you do.

Happiness on TVs and advertisements is associated with relaxation on a beach with beer and food - NOT TRUE!

Happiness can be sweating it out on a jog, cycling, mountaineering or trying out some difficult music!

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