Sunday, January 29, 2017

ADE KANGAL ( 2017) Tamil Movie

ADE KANGAL (Same Eyes)

ADHE KANGAL  ( Same Eyes)- Tamil movie released on 26 Jan 2017 with new casts. Initially what appears to be a triangle turns out to be a thriller.

Director has paid attention to young new actors who appear to be modern commoners we meet every day!

Blindness and woman empowerment are showcased  well.

Hero is blind initially, but successful as an entrepreneur with culinary skills.  Apart from this he plays no major role.  Most of the movie including the kicking and killing! is dominated by woman power!

Modern woman's mind is revealed aptly when Sadhana rejects the suitor quite abruptly when she finds his mind wandering; she appears practical even when it comes to marriage.

Deepa is also shown in a tough role with independent thinking and plotting while on the run.

The most jovial chap of course  is Constable Panju who makes the whole movie so deliciously palatable. A real 'paavam' police constable from Kanyakumari plays his innocent, comic role to the hilt till the very end.

The style of narration and story line reminds one of Soudhan -  the Hindi TV series of true police diaries!

It is reassuring to see good quality, modern movies in Tamil with novel thinking and showcasing of women empowerment by directors with minimal songs and no fighting!


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