Monday, January 2, 2017



‘The old people tell you what they were doing; the young people tell you what they are doing. Only fools tell you what they are going to do.”

As the book of life has unfolded another chapter 2017, it is a sobering thought to be alive and kicking. I remember with gratitude the fellowship of friends, patients well-wishers and relatives who made my life worthwhile.

I am very grateful for the arrival of the new grandson in the family who dictates life at home.

As a child I have always loved the song ‘Que sera sera- Whatever will be will be’  sung by Doris Day. A little girl asking her mother what she will be- and the mother replying that 'whatever will be will be'. The girl then grows up to be a mother and her children ask her the same question!

But when it comes to work situation, we have ups and downs. Many of our work situations involve decisions and these depend on our experiences. Experience is related to knowledge and results of our past actions (good and bad). This is true be it a bus driver, cricketer or surgeon.

Reminiscing in the past – either gloating or regretting varies in different communities, cultures and regions.

How much you are thinking about the past and the future .... affects what you do in the present. Are you concentrating enough at the present on the work at hand ? ….is the main issue.

There are 3 examples of cultural divisions of nostalgic - Europe, dream - driven USA and reality - driven industrious Asia.

Examples also apply to if you wish to live in the past thoughts, live in the dreamy future or live in the reality of the present!

Live in the present and be reality driven

To reminisce in the past

Or live in the dreamy future

“You cannot change the past. But you can ruin the present by worrying about the future.”



  1. John, This is an excellent piece. It reminds me that we are all best served to "Look to Future". The past is a memory, the present a shadow and the future nothing but possibility. Have a Great New Year. W/R, Ed