Saturday, October 4, 2014

Running a MARATHON!


“Never accept anyone else’s definition of you;

But define yourself”

Today I ran with Pravin my son and his wife - Vodofone for the cause of cancer cure.

He had done all the work of registration, getting the electronic bibs, charting out the route and briefing me on the entire route.

We took a cab to venue at 4.30 am for the 6 o’clock race today. Some were running 21 Km, some 10 and many 5K.

Crowd was so massive  and enthusiastic. Families, single persons, really old people and kiddies running. 

Everyone enjoying themselves for a cause! Everyone got a medal in the end!

I met some friends including Ganesh Gopalakrishnan who taught me some yoga exercises on   posture! He is maha  yogi apart from being a world famous urologist.

My thoughts went back to the time I ran when I turned 50.

Never being an athlete in my life, I wanted to do something physical on the track . I trained on the treadmill for nearly 8 months and on the morning I put on my cap, looked down at the road and ran 20 steps at a time…. completed the marathon

Finishing the race was a big event for me; many who knew me well were quite surprised.

Running long distances gives  you confidence, builds up your determination, makes you set goal which you thought were not possible and achieve them successfully.

You meet friends, support a cause and most of all you enjoy the running and the finish.

For folks who ask why should you run a marathon, my question is simple- 

If not now, when are you going to do it? Certainly not when you are bed ridden!