Wednesday, October 10, 2012



“It is a wise father who knows his child.
But maybe it's a very wise child who takes time to know his father.” - ANONYMOUS

My 28 year old dropped in during breakfast time this morning to show me a letter from his grandfather, my father.

My thoughts flashed back to my late dad. We lived in a modest home in a small town. My father was always strict with my sister and me. He was a regional probation officer who dealt with rehabilitation of juvenile offenders.

He always seemed to have time for us as he used to sit at study almost everyday during  school days; he was always knew all our lessons and the answers too!

He paid through his nose for my music classes and ensured that a happy music teacher got me through the entire grade exams of Trinity College of Music, London.

He retired when I was in V standard in school (out of 11 standards). He took on 4 jobs at a single time to see me through the best medical college; he turned down some of the government colleges where my marks qualified me to study free because he wanted me to study in the prestigious CMC Vellore- which I did subsequently paying a fee.

Every Sunday, I had to memorize that week’s particular prayer by heart before breakfast…. No prayer- no breakfast!  Such was the strict moral upbringing. 

He did not look happy when I did not get the first rank in school, nor when I told him I passed in MBBS in second class ( it did not matter that no one passed in first class in the entire university!) He had a high standard and was a hard act to follow...... Many a time I had wondered whether I could ever impress him! 

Back to the present now….. my son today came accidentally across a letter from his grandfather written in 1985 in his own handwriting in an inland letter; my mother had signed it too in the end. He proudly flashed his grandfather’s first birthday letter ( addressed and posted to him!) – so different from the cards of today!

How did he write such a letter to a one year old on his birthday? Did he know that this letter would one day reach his grandson after 28 years ? And be discussed in among family and friends?!

There is so much for me to learn from this letter about life and love… from a father who is no more!

“Our dear grand son,

Today is your First Birth Anniversary day. Pattiammal and I give you a warm hug, sweet warm kisses and wish you a Happy Birthday and wish you many happy returns of the day. We pray God to keep you to grow in the fear and wisdom of the Lord.

You are a member of the All Saint’s Church, Puthur, Trichirapalli. Your birthday was announced in the Sunday service on 12.5.85 and all the members prayed for a Happy Birthday to you and wished  you many Happy Returns of the day.

We wish you all good luck,

From loving grand parents