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8 Krishna Nagar
Sowripalayam Main Road
Coimbatore 641028

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to share the news that at ANURAG HOSPITAL we have completed the first year and celebrated the First Year Anniversary by a Prayer Meeting with message from Bishop of Coimbatore Diocese Rt Rev Timothy Ravinder.


ANURAG HOSPITAL is surgical hospital with modern facilities for ambulatory surgery which is the way of doing surgery early and discharge in a short time from the hospital. This is helped by modern 2 operation theatres with laminar flow and 0.3 microns Heba filters for doing no infection surgery. We specialize in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery of Gastro intestinal tract and Obesity Surgery.


We have completed laparoscopic surgery for gall stones, appendix, hernias, uterus removal as well as Bariatric Surgery for control of Obesity. We have had international patients as well as patients from all the corners of India like Mumbai to Mizoram. We have also carried out successfully cancer and tumor surgery of the gullet, pancreas and liver. ENT, Gynecological and Urology operations are also commonly performed.

Our charitable activities include visits to CSI Hospital, Dharapuram every Tuesday afternoon and Mission Hospital in Kerala to perform surgery. We conduct along with Rotary club of Coimbatore Texcity Free Diabetic Camp; BP camps every second Saturday where patients are examined, tested and treated free of cost.

We welcome Dr Prabavathy for physiotherapy, Dr Rajendran for orthopedic surgery and Dr
Gurumoorthy for diabetology.

Kindly continue to support us with your good wishes, prayers and referrals so that we can continue and serve with the motto ‘COMMITTED TO CARE’.

Dr Pravin Hector John MS, Dr Twinkle Sharmila MBBS,(DGO)
Dr Neena John MBBS, DCH,  Dr John Thanakumar MS, MNAMS, FRCS, FRCS, DIP MIS (Fr)
Past President OF IAGES 2012-14.


Sites of Appendicular abscess           Divide Base 1st & then Vessels

Retrograde Appenectomy

24 year old came with umbilical pain with shift right iliac fossa sic days ago with high fever 101-102.
Ultra sound had revealed acute appendicitis. He was tender in right iliac fossa on examination.
An urgent laparoscopy revealed appendicular abscess with foul smelling pus which was walled off by
omentum, terminal ileum and caecum.. Appendix was necrotic in the distal 4/5ths and was frible. Stump of the appendix was ligated with vicryl and laparoscopic retrograde appendectomy was carried out by removing the necrotic appendix in pieces. A wash out was used. No drain was used. Patient improved with antibiotics and well healed wound.




47 year old diabetic, post cardiac stented ,obese patient with BMI of 37 presented with heavy bleeding .
She had fibroid uterus measuring 6x6cm with a history of 2 previous caesarian sections. She underwent
total laparoscopic hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo oophorectomy and was discharged in 48 hours.
Removal of uterus is commonly done for excessive bleeding , fibroids and for suspicion of cancer.
Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy is dissection of the uterus, division of the uterine vessels, vaginal vault opening using totally laparoscopic technique with resultant delivery of the uterus via the vagina and closure of the vaginal vault using intra corporeal laparoscopic suturing.

Advantages include no urinary catheter, ambulation the same day, no NG tube, less pain, more comfort
and discharge within 24 hours after surgery.

Assisted Laproscopic Hysterectomy usually is the dissection of the uterus using the laparoscope till the
uternine vessles. Then per vaginal dissection pushing the urinary bladder above and ligation of the
uterine vessels from vaginal aspect, before delivering the uterus per vaginum. Patient requires an
indwelling cather and the pain is considerably more than total laparoscopic hysterectomy.


LIVER MASS- 7 YR CHILD                                                     LIVER RESECTION SURGERY


Liver masses sometimes require to be resected. 7 year old girl was referred with mass in the left lobe of
liver for resection. This was successfully done under general anesthesia using hypotensive anesthesia.
Blood loss was less than 150 ml. No blood was transfused and she was discharged on the 7th day from

RESECTED LIVER MASS                                            CHILD IN POST OPERATIVE ICU



Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery
Bariatric Surgery
Emergency medicine
General Surgery & Medicine
Diabetic Care
Oncology and Cancer
Digital Xrays, Ultrasound, ECG
Twin operating theaters, ICU
Hematology ,Biochemistry Lab
24 Hour Pharmacy
Master Health Check ups


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Thursday, March 13, 2014

How to Live Longer and Healthy


“May you live a long life full of gladness and health” Irish Blessing

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (WHO).

Everyone wants to live longer…. and in good health.

Aging population has increased due to better living conditions, improved education and increased economics.

Gyms and Health Clubs are increasing day by day. This is a witness to what people aspire to.

Women live up to 73.5 years and men 68.5 years (UN 2012 Revision).

In India women live up to 67.7 years and men up to 64.7 years (TOI, 2012).

Described below are  20 tips on how to live well and longer; they are described first and summarized in tabular form at the end.


20 tips are under 4 headings namely


Check Lipids
Increase Exercise
Eat Antioxidants
Stop Smoking
Chill out
Lose Weight

Do not Oversleep

Adopt a Pet

Stable Finances

Reduce Stress

Manage Stress

Belong to Group

Cook Yourself



Purpose in Life

Use your Brain

    •                                      EATING AND DRINKING

‘There is only one difference between a long life and a good dinner; 
in the dinner, the sweets come last’   (Robert Louis Stevenson).

Drink lots of tea. Tea is best taken as green or black. Tea appears to lower lipids.  Green tea is also associated with less cancer and heart attack.

Advantages of tea include high energy, weight loss and slowed aging process. 5 cups of tea using bags is advocated per day.

Drink one glass of red wine a day. Polyphenols in red wine maintain elasticity of arteries and as antioxidants slow aging process.

The best sources of antioxidants are beans – kidney, pinto or black, berries including blueberries as well as bright colored vegetables. Antioxidants play a role in retarding the aging process.

One piece of dark chocolate daily appears to provide antioxidants and releases endorphins.

Eating garlic will help to avoid high blood pressure and heart ailments. Excess salt and oil (pickles) is to be avoided.

Avoid also sweets and deserts.


“I am not telling you it is easy but I’m telling you it is going to be worth it”

Exercise controls your weight, improves your self image.  

It elevates your mood and improves your endorphin level with an improved sense of well being.

A gym outing or walking group increases friendship circle. 

Exercise also helps you to sleep better.

3                                                CHECK YOUR LIPIDS

Heart attacks are more common in India and they occur at young age groups. 

Causes for heart attacks include high blood pressure, stress and family history. 

The main preventable cause is elevated cholesterol with other lipids in blood. 

These are controlled with medication after diagnosis by blood testing.

Essential fatty acids are needed for life. 

Omega 3 fatty acids are found in fatty fish like tuna, salmon and halibut and certain nuts like almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and even peanuts.


Excess weight is responsible for diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac disease, sleep disturbances, strokes, cancers, joint pains, fractures, arthritis, lipid metabolism, heart attacks, poor self image, loss of self esteem… and I can go on!

Diet, exercise and life style change can help.

In advanced or morbid obesity, surgery appears to be the best option.

                                                     5.  DO NOT OVERSLEEP

People who sleep > 8 hours a day, have reduced life span.

Those sleeping < 4 hours a day also have reduced life span.

People sleeping 6 to 7 hours per day live the longest (Arch Gen Psych 2002).

                                                                  6.  STOP SMOKING

“Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I have done it thousands of times” (Mark Twain)

Smoking produces emphysema of lungs, cancer of lungs and urinary bladder, increases heart attacks and blocks blood vessels all over the body.

Depending on how many cigarettes and the duration, it definitely affects quality and length of life. 

                                                         7.  STABLE FINANCES

Better income allows easy access to medical attention, better education and improved housing.

Better finances allow you to choose more healthy , clean food and longer life.

                                                                   8.  HAVE PETS 

“Animals are such agreeable friends- they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms (George Eliot)

Pet owners stood four times the chance of recovery after a heart attack compared to pet less people.

Cat owners over 10 years have been shown to reduce death by heart attack by 30%.

Walking a dog boosts parasympathetic nervous system in the elderly and helps to calm the body.

Kids with illness or death in the family cope up better with dogs.


“You must learn to let go. Release the stress” (Steve Maraboli)

Men with highest level of  anger response to stress were three time more  prone to heart disease than men who were slower to anger.

They were more than six times likely to have heart attack by 55 years of age.

This is largely due to increased stress leading to higher blood pressure.

So it is vital to take it easy .

Work more on less stress!


Everyone including the elementary school going child has stress today.

Stress induces increased cortisol levels in blood. This dulls the immune mechanism of the body and alters the cognitive function.

So special management skills are required for students, parents, attending interviews, during exams, in negotiations, etc.

Too much stress leads to depression leading to imperfect results.

Highly stressed jobs pay well, but make you unhappy and shorten your life!

                                                          11.  COOKING YOURSELF

People who cook at home for 5 or more meals per week were 47% more likely to be alive after a decade against those who do not according to a Cambridge study. 

No more take away or phone orders for meals!

Self cooking at home decreases stress and saves money too!

                                                      12.  EDUCATE YOURSELF

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself (John Dewey)

Education in school and university appears to make people live longer.

Educated people know the importance of good sanitation, preventive health check ups, exercise, food and need to avoid smoking.

All over the world, it has been proved that education improves longevity.

Also people who make friends at work have less stress and live longer.

                                                                13.  MEDITATE

Meditation is claimed to be the most powerful healing for stress and long life.

15 minutes of meditation equals 60 minutes of sleep in relaxation of mind.

Good time to meditate is in the mornings.

During office work, short breaks of 5 minutes meditating help to relax.

Simple technique is to relax your limbs while sitting down and keep your mind away from surrounding; it helps to concentrate of one word.

                                                        14.   BELONG TO A GROUP

“If you want to walk fast, walk alone.
If you want to walk far, walk together”

Seventh Day Adventists (SDA) group belong to a specialized group of Christians who celebrate Sabbath on Saturdays.

They keep Saturdays free for getting together in church for worship and spending the whole day away from work.

The old and the young bond together at least once a week.

SDAs have more centenarians among them because of the bonding, clean living and taking time off weekly.

Five simple health behaviors promoted by the Seventh-day Adventist Church for more than 100 years increase life span up to 10 years.

  • Not smoking,
  • Eating a plant based diet,
  • Eating nuts several times per week,
  • Regular exercise and
  • Maintaining normal body weight

                                                    15.    HAVE A PURPOSE IN LIFE

    Mystery of human existence is in finding something to live for, not just staying alive”  (Brothers- Karamazov)

    Centenarians were interviewed about what made them live.

    Each of them had a compelling purpose to get up in the morning and work. Incentive to work and purpose to live is one of the most important stimuli.

    Compulsion to go and take care of your own work is something we need to learn from the elderly.

                                                                 16.  USE YOUR BRAIN

    Problem solving skills like Sudoku or crossword puzzles appear to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

    Reading a good book makes you think.

    Even in disasters or emergencies, the well read person can figure out a way easily.

                                                            17.  IMPROVE OPTIMISM

    “Pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees opportunity  in every difficulty “ (Winston Churchill)

    Optimistic folks had 50% reduction in risks of early death compared to pessimists (Mayo clinic).

    They are happy, less stressed and tend to have more of normal blood pressures.

                                                                   18.    CHILL OUT

    Men with anger response are more likely to have premature heart disease by three times compared to those who are relaxed.

    Angry people are more likely to have heart attack by six times by the age of 55 years (John Hopkins University) compared to those who decide bygones be bygones.

                                                                       19.  LAUGH

    “Laughter the best medicine”

    Laughter releases stress and produces less cortisol, adrenal hormones and increases happy Endorphin levels in blood.

    Learn to see the humorous side of life!

    The more you laugh, the less you are angry!

    The angrier you get, the greater the heart attack (Princeton Longevity Center)

                                                                      20.   MARRIAGE

    “It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages” (Friedrich Nietzsche)

    Longevity and healthy aging is an inherited phenotype across three generations (Mechanisms of Aging and Development ,Feb 2005). 
    So, if you are still single, pick a partner who has live, old grandparents. This will help your children, if not you!
    Married people live longer.
    Divorce shortens your life span! So make sure you marry the right person who will make you happy (and vice versa) in the long run! This will help you!